Since its inception in 2007, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards has been dedicated to celebrating and promoting film from Asia Pacific – a region that comprises 70 countries and areas, 4.5 billion people, one third of the  earth and half the world’s film production.


APSA supports any endeavour, and festival, that brings such films to the movie-going public. We support these initiatives to continue education about cultural diversity and bring stories from the region’s rich cultures to life – and there is no more powerful medium to communicate a story than film.


India is one of the great powerhouses of movie production in the world. Accordingly, the Asia Pacific Screen Awards is delighted to support the Indian International Film Festival of Queensland. We wish the festival every success and look forward to spirited competition.


Michael Hawkins

Executive Chairman of Asia Pacific Screen Awards




A message from Lord Mayor Graham Quirk As Lord Mayor,



It is with great pleasure that I lend my support to the inaugural Indian International Film Festival of Queensland.

Staged in Brisbane, this event marks history as Australia’s first independent Indian film festival. Fifteen featurelength films will be in competition, and all films have either been produced by Indian film makers or centre around an Indian subject or theme.

As a city, one of Brisbane’s city’s greatest strengths is that we respect and embrace cultural diversity. This is exemplified through the many multicultural festivals and events that Brisbane hosts and celebrates throughout the year.


I commend the organisers of the Indian International Film Festival who are working to foster positive relationships and stronger cultural links between Brisbane and India. It is our multicultural and vibrant communities that make Brisbane a stronger, richer and wiser city.


I congratulate all involved in organising this wonderful festival and wish them every success for the future.



Graham Quirk

Lord Mayor of Brisbane

I congratulate all of you for organizing (IIFFOQ). We are sure, IIFFOQ shall be very successful with participation of feature films from all over India.


Films are an integral part of culture of their respective countries and Indian films with our rich and multidimensional culture shall be able to make a lasting impression on the Australian audience.


I am sure with IIFFOQ, Australia – especially Queensland is going to be enriched through the cultural exchanges which shall happen with the exhibition of films and the people associated with them. For the film lovers this shall be a gala time to quench their thirst for good meaningful and entertaining films.


We, at Ramoji Film City which is the largest film studio complex in the world, appreciate all film related meaningful movement in the world and IIFFOQ shall be no exception to that.


Rajeev Jalnapurkar

Chief Executive Officer of Ramoji Film City




The inaugural Indian International Film Festival of Queensland is a landmark event that marks the maturing of the growing ties between Queensland and India.


There has been an unprecedented convergence of business interest between Australia and India in recent years. Much of this has been driven by India’s need for energy, resources and infrastructure and Australia’s unique capabilities in addressing these needs. Queensland, more than any other state, has played a dominant role in this evolving story as evidenced by the spate of large scale Indian investment in mine, port and rail infrastructure.





At the same time, Queensland’s universities, research institutions and training providers are beginning to collaborate with Indian institutions to address India’s innovation and human capital development needs. These linkages have led to enhanced people to people ties that add to the rich and diverse Indian Diaspora already resident in Queensland.


There is however more to this relationship. Queensland is one of the few developed economies in the Western world that shares similar climatic conditions with India. Much of Queensland is tropical and subtropical and the vast majority of the Indian population resides in these climatic zones. Climate shapes issues of environmental management, agriculture and health and there is much that Queensland and India can learn from each other.


Climate also shapes how we look at our built environment, our architecture, our design and our fashion. These similarities provide the foundation for deeper collaboration between the creative sectors of India and Queensland. The Indian International Film Festival of Queensland provides the platform for deepening the relationship between our two creative sectors.


Queensland University of Technology is a global leader in the creative industries disciplines and is delighted to be the natural partner of this inaugural festival.


Arun Sharma

Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Queensland University of Technology  of

The Indian International Film Festival in Queensland provides an important opportunity for the Indian screen industry to showcase the diversity, creativity and excellence of Indian film to the Australian public.  Australia and India share a proud film making tradition.  The Indian International Film Festival will support new connections between our two countries and our film and entertainment industries.   I wish Mr Sarkar well with the inaugural festival.


Peter N Varghese AO

Secretary Department of Foreign Affairs Canberra


I am delighted to present inaugural Indian International Film Festival of Queensland in Brisbane. India is a culturally diverse country. Indian cinema since its beginning has absorbed various Indian art forms, story telling techniques, Indian cultural, spiritual and mythological ingredients making our cinema very unique and rich. My hometown Kolkata in India which was the capital of British occupied India in early twentieth century led the arrival of cinema in India. Today India is the largest film making nation in the world.


IIFFOQ has a vision to strengthen the creative industry links between India and Australia through cinema and creative collaboration. IIFFOQ will provide a sound platform for independent film makers of new wave independent Indian cinema or of Indian cultural content. IIFFOQ  encourages the movies that endeavour to reach a global audience with strong independent messages and creative approaches. We have ensured that IIFFOQ also showcases works of talented Independent Indian film makers who are based in Australia. My festival will create opportunities for independent film makers, producers, film distributors in India and in Australia.


I hope you enjoy the films at IIFFOQ this year. Your support would make this festival very special. Thank you.


Chayan Sarkar

Artistic Director & Founder of IIFFOQ

Suzuki Auto Co are a Queensland based family operation that has been importing and distributing the Suzuki Product into Northern Rivers NSW & Queensland since 1959. Now solely Automobiles, we actively promote the  “Way of Life” mantra and align ourselves with events that demonstrate this. We see the Indian Film Festival of Queensland 2017 as a community event that not only showcases cinematic product from the largest movie making nation in the world; but one that encourages artistic and creative development at grass roots level – a Way of Life for so many.


Suzuki is not only dominant in India through Maruti and the current Indian “Car of the Year”, but at a local level we have had much success with Indian produced vehicles in our range including RACQ’s most affordable vehicle to own and run previously with the Alto;  and more recently and currently with Australia’s Best Light Car – the Baleno.


Suzuki Queensland believes that the festival strengthens creative industry links between Queensland and India and aids to assist economic ties between our 2 countries and we wish the IIFFOQ continued success.


Steve Craig

General Manager Sales & Marketing - Suzuki Queensland


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