Head of Screenings & Festival Management

Chayan has organised several festivals and events in India, Australia and Europe. Australian National Multicultural  Award Winner, Winner of French Government's La connaissance de la France, he has been contributing to Brisbane's multicultural arts sceen for the last seventeen years.  He organised 'The Big Bachchan' retrospective with Brisbane International Film Festival in honour of Indian screen legend Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Sarkar was the man behind the extraordinary organisation and execution of Indian Screen Legend Dr. Amitabh Bachchan's historical visit to Brisbane in 2011 along with Queensland Govt. and Queensland University of Technology (QUT) when the megastar received his Honorary Doctorate from Queensland University of Technology.

Chayan Sarkar

Head of Corporate Relations /Legal

Arun is the Principal at Raniga Lawyers.  A prominent senior member of Brisbane's Gujrati community, Arun has been involved with many events and festivals over the years. Arun is well-connected within the Indian entertainment industry and has a sound knowledge on Indian cinema. Arun was heavily involved in event coordination when Mr.  Amitabh Bachchan was in Brisbane in 2011 to receive the Honorary Doctorate.

Arun Raniga

Head of Community Engagement

Manju has been actively involved in promoting India and Australia for their multicultural diversities and successes for more than 30 years. She has been actively involved with the Multicultural Ethnic Radio Station for the past 21 years. She has served as Vice President of the Queensland Migrant Resource Centre. She has promoted diverse ethnic events, initiatives  and projects over the years and has well-established her bonafides in the larger Australian society. She is also Honorary Ambassador of City of Ipswich for India.

Manju Jehu

Project Manager - Community Business Engagement 

Founder & President of Simply Human Inc. and IT Professional, Prerna has cemented herself as a truly selfless member of the community. Prerna has been honoured by number of community awards by local communities in Brisbane and is a finalist as a Young Community Achiever in India Australia Business & Community Awards 2017, for her dedicated humanitarian services. Actively involved in organising the IIFFOQ 2017 as a Project Manager, Prerna is passionate about Indian Cinema/Films and a true movie buff. 

Prerna Pahwa

Business Development Manager

Merryn has worked as the Creative Producer for the Visual Art’s component of Unsettle for Digi Youth Arts. She is currently working as a Programming Intern for Commonwealth’ Games’ Festival 2018 under Digi Youth Arts. She recently completed a university exchange to Michigan State University to study film and studies a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drama and Film at QUT. Merryn is passionate about the representation of Indian culture in the screen industry in Queensland and wants to help Queensland celebrate the fantastic films coming out of the Indian film industry.

Merryn Trescott

Media and Public Relations Coordinator

Hansha is a post graduate student of Public Relations and Strategic Advertising in QUT and an aspiring professional, who knows how to tell the right story to the right audience, to drive real and measurable change. Hansha also has an extensive range of knowledge and interest in graphic design, game development, social media management and blogging. She is one-part student, one-part professional and two-parts movie geek, which is why she is a part of IIFFOQ.

Hansha Pahwa

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