Director: Chayan Sarkar

Cast: Crusoe Kurdal, Natalie Hoflin (as Natalie Blair), Chayan Sarkar, Ozzie Devrish, Tiga Bayles, Robert Reitano

Indian glimpses

Maa - The Mother

Runtime: 18min


Based on a true incident, Maa. The Mother is a proactive and bold attempt that exposes the dark and bitter truths of women abuse, violence, poverty and caste system that plagues our society.Film traces the journey of a Poor villager Gurmmeto, who cannot speak and her only dream is to become a mother. Once she steps out of the threshold of her home to earn, she faces the vultures with hunger for sex and exploitation from men and her landlady. She lives in extreme poverty but she neither cries nor breaks down until she becomes the rape victim. Her Husband failing to get any help then takes the major decision of his life to save his wife's life.



Director: Alex Singh

Cast: Vansh Bharadwaj Shindu,Mandeep Ghai Gurmeeto

Runtime: 8min


Actor Charles Thomson, an Australian born in Brisbane and living in India visited the Orphanage of Dagdusheth Halvaee Ganpati Trust in Pune, Maharashtra, India to meet the children. Actually their parents were Devadasi and hence this wonderful trust has set up a home to care for these boys. One can only presume the girls stay with their mothers who work in the sex industry. Charles narrated in Hindi to the boys the Marathi language film 1909 and stories about his shoots on sets. It was then some magical happened. Without any prompting or any one to assist the boys, on their own, they proffer to do their own Bollywood dance routine. This is their performance the ‘Dance of Lord Shiva’ done as their own way to say thank you to Charles for his visiting their home. All the boys daily do Yoga and Meditation and the results speak for themselves.

Devdasi Children in Pune

Dancing in the Rain (Dum Dum Deega Deega)

Runtime: 15min


The solution to your problem is often hidden in the problem itself, all you need is a different outlook. The story of a beggar child, Ajju, who lives on the streets of Mumbai, but dreams big. He challenges his unfortunate fate, with nothing but a different outlook towards the situation he faces.

Director: Ayush Kapur

Cast: Naman Jain, Mukesh Bhatt, Princy SudakaranYusuf Hussain, Chaitnya Sharma, Parineeta Borthakur

The Surreal

Runtime: 24min


The Surreal is a psychological drama about a man, who begins to suffer from insomnia, after losing his late night shift job.

Director: Vijay Jayapal

Cast: Kalesh S Ramanand, Smrithi, Jayaprakash

Once Upon a Time in India

Runtime: 34min


Thousands of years ago a great personality was born. His name was Sadashiva. A legend even in his own lifetime, and ultimately to be regarded as the father of human civilization. This film has at its core the renewal of a great and timeless message, still as relevant today as it was in times of old..

Director: Abhijeet Kumar

Cast: Deepak Lohar, Rohan Tiwari, Shiva Sharma, Reema Debnath

"The Sleeping Warrior is nourishment for the soul of those who seek films of enlightment. As art imitates life, the ending of the film (The Sleeping Warrior) reflected the division we live with! You have recreated our present debacle very well...multicultural Australia only works when the colonial soul is content that 'His' voice is not interrupted by inferior values!"                      

Samuel Wagan Watson

Indigenous Contemporary Poet, Writer and two times Premier's Literary Award Winner

Australian Premiere



Drama feature that connects Hindu Spirituality and Australian Aboriginal spirituality. This connection is felt by a Hindu man Rishi who comes to share his spiritual knowledge in Australia and realises the depth of Indigenous spirituality. Maka, an Indigenous artist can't dream anymore. Maka and his community lost their sacred land and Dreaming sites. Maka's pain engulfs the forests, rocks and water. Maka continues his tradition by telling his stories to the young Aboriginal boy Balang.

Indigenous & India

"The success of Sarkar's attempt is not theological as it sheds no particular historical or pre-historical light on the evolution of compatible beliefs.The success of the combination is political."


Farrukh Dhondy

                                               Published on Deccan Chronicle and Asian Age

The Sleeping Warrior

Jhijhak kaisi – A documentary on Breast Cancer

Runtime: 22min


A woman feels a lump in her breast. She hesitates to see a doctor. Her husband stands along her and gives her paramount strength and courage.

It further explains the possibilities & the awareness for the right treatment by a specialist doctor & takes home message by a celebrity.

Director: Ruchiek Darwhekar

Cast: Nandini Vaidya, Kunal Limaye, Dr. Rasika Darwhekar, Jia, 

         Mithil Rege

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