The Colour of Darkness is set in two continents dealing with themes of discrimination and violence. These themes are manifested within both the intercultural tensions in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne and the ongoing struggles within the caste system in India. A young Australian journalist is sent to investigate an attack on an Indian student, setting in motion a chain of events with significant personal and societal consequences. Inspired by the frenzied media coverage that followed real-life attacks on Indian students in
Melbourne, director Girish Makwana has crafted a detailed and immersive narrative that explores the real ramifications of deep-rooted discrimination.


Director: Girish Makwana

Cast: Vidya Makan, Sahil Saluja, Sanjeet Pahil

The Colour of Darkness

Australian Premiere


The story Chilekotha is a biography of old Animesh Chatterjee, who was an engineer in America. After retirement he returned to India leaving his son in America with his family. After the death of his wife, Animesh babu felt for his motherland and came back to Kolkata. He now suffers from loneliness. Once Animesh lived in a joint family, in a large house, with uncles, aunties, parents, sisters, phuldida, phulkaka always around him.  Animesh now misses those days. One day young Animesh comes in his dream and takes him to his the then family and his favorite CHILEKOTHA.

He again meets with his family,his muddy football guided by Phulkaka, his first love, friends, kites etc. Gradually he remembered his involvement in Naxalite politics inspired by Phulkaka and then fled away to America by the advices of elders.

Returning to his country after so many years, he realizes that science and culture have made their way in progress; Skyscrapers are all around but he couldn’t find his Chilekotha anywhere. He always remembers Phulkaka, who said that as science will advance, human relations will become more distant. After his death Animesh returns to his former relatives and his favorite CHILEKOTHA.


Director: Premangshu Roy

Cast: Dhritiman Chaterji, Bratya Basu, Ritwik Chakraborty, Chhanda Chatterjee, Sarbori Mukherjee, Paritosh Chakraborty


Australian Premiere

Set in a beautiful Himalayan valley, it's a journey of a neglected and abandoned mute boy, who loses his mother at birth and is furiously neglected by his father. When his father goes behind bars, the boy stares at a lonely and deserted life ahead. His relationship with an elderly Buddhist monk helps him to detach from his voiceless suffering and to explore the bond that each creation shares with nature. With nowhere to go, he joins a Budhist monastery even as he fights an inner battle of unrequited love.


Director: Bijukumar Damodaran (Dr. Biju)

Cast: Uday Chandra, Master Govardhan, Santosh Verma

Sound of Silence



Australian Premiere


After a series of bomb blasts in Hyderabad a special ATS team lead by officer Desai name Yasin Darji as the suspect. Following a tip-off the team reaches a location to arrest Yasin only to end up arresting Sameer, the wrong guy. While the error needs to be fixed, the higher authorities decide to bargain with Sameer for his freedom, sending him as a mole. Sameer turns a mole to stop Yasin Darji before he kills more innocent people. A chase begins. Will they manage to stop Yasin, or will Yasin trump?


Director: Dakxin Chhara

Cast: Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub Khan, Subrat Dutta, Anjali Patil, Chinmay Mandlekar, Seema Biswas




Australian Premiere


A young working urban couple is overwhelmed with the birth of a baby girl but parenthood has its own challenges.


Director: Rakhee Sandilya

Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas

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