Runtime: 18.6min


Matrimony is a drama about a Tamil speaking couple coming to terms with their crumbling marriage, amidst a rather mundane life in the maximum city of Mumbai. The film tries to explore the importance of physical relationship in the context of a typical Indian middle class marriage.




Director: Vijay Jayapal 

Cast:  Kartik Krishnan, Shwetha Shekar, Kartick Sitaraman, Ashutosh Singh, Sohan Lal



Runtime: 20min


Three friends, who all started their acting career working on the same film, are reunited for 24 hours. A lot has changed for each one of them since they had last met two years ago. One has gone onto have a successful film career, one has left the acting field and one has become extremely bitter about being a struggling actor. What starts out as a harmless reunion of friends, quickly turns into a battle of egos with irreparable consequences.

Director: Samimitra Das

Cast:  Samrat Chakrabarti, Gaurav Dwivedi, Jatin Goswami

Departure Lounge - A Bollywood Affair 

Runtime: 16min


Young miner MEL, befriends her lndian taxi driver, JONNY, en route to the airport, where she is flying off to the silver mine where she is an engineer. The song on JONNY's taxi radio helps to brighten her from her 'love sickness'. The song is OYE BOY CHARLIE. JONNY sends her on her way to meet her love, CHARLIE, in the Departure Lounge. Once inside, MEL realises she needs to really fight for CHARLIE' affections and soon JONNY is back at the airport (with a new passenger) to help lift up her spirits again. Trying to get inside to the Departure Lounge, he has to put his iPhone through the X-ray machine, which eats it up and throws his song onto the Wifi network of the entire airport.A few of the passengers and then even the airport staff feel the beat, proving to be so infectious that soon the entire airport is dancing with joy in a Bollywood dance off. At the height of such joy, CHARLIE asks MEL to marry him.








Director:  Paul Andersen

Cast:  Luke Chaplain, David Cottam, Terry Delphin

The Black Sheep 

Runtime: 40min


This is a story of Shyam Joshi, an artist from an educated, middle class family, who has returned home after serving his time in prison for having accidentally killed his grandmother. It is the story of his homecoming, among his family, who fails to accept him, and in a society which also hurls him aside. Braving through the past that haunts him, with only his mother on his side, he makes an effort to fit in, but is reminded of his past, every step on the way.

Director: Anmol Dharmadhikari

Cast: Abhilasha Poul, Samata Jadhav, Dinesh Gavali

 Yari Road 

Children Of Conflict 

 Runtime: 13.25



Children of Conflict is based on a true story which reflects the ground reality of the children residing unfortunately in or around the different conflict regions of the Globe. This film answers how a child gets involved in the conflict willingly or unwillingly and how it affects one’s future?

Children of Conflict is dedicated to late Mr. Sameer Gaffar who died accidently in a mortar shell blast which Sameer and his cousin explored in a pile of rubble, not knowing what it is, they started playing with it and that is when it exploded. May his soul rest in peace... 


Director: Majid Imtiyaz

Cast: Arfaat Mushtaq Mohammad Iqbal, Ulfat, Soleah Salman, Yasser Jeelani/Malik Sameed, Haneefa Begum






Runtime: 14.25


Keshav Lal has worked with legendary composers such as Laxmikant Pyarelal and makers like V. Shantaram . Fate bought him to streets of Pune where he lived with his wife and together they played music to sustain their livelihood. The story is about the power of hope and optimism; one of the biggest assets of human life. It also portray the strong bond between husband and wife which remains unscathed even in the most adverse situation. it is a documentary film. it shot within 2 days 8hour shift daily. 


Director: Rochak Sahu

A Bohemian Musician 


Runtime: 28


A day in the life of an obsessed loner whose immaturity and emotional isolation lead to dynamic imbalances in his life, driving him even to a point where he considers killing the girl. Will he break out from this long time ordeal or is it just an excuse to stir up his monotonous daily life? Will he pull it off? Or will he surrender to his illusions and indecisiveness?


Director: Chandradeep Das

Cast: Rajdeep Hira, Anwesha Sanyal


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