The Sleeping Warrior

Best Feature, Best Audience and Best Director Award in Chico International Film Festival, Golden Pegasus and Golden Aphrodite nomination in Greece


Drama feature that connects Hindu Spirituality and Australian Aboriginal spirituality. This connection is felt by a Hindu man Rishi who comes to share his spiritual knowledge in Australia and realises the depth of Indigenous spirituality. Maka, an Indigenous artist can't dream anymore. Maka and his community lost their sacred land and Dreaming sites. Maka's pain engulfs the forests, rocks and water. Maka continues his tradition by telling his stories to the young Aboriginal boy Balang.


Director: Chayan Sarkar

Cast: Natalie Hoflin, Tiga Bayles, Ozzie Devrish, Chayan Sarkar

Manjunath is a true, inspirational and hard hitting story of an ordinary man and his fight against corruption. After passing out from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Lucknow, Manjunath Shanmugam was placed with an Oil company as a sales manager only to blow open the large scale adulteration of fuel taking place in the country. It was then that this courageous and honest man was brutally murdered while trying to do his job in the right way and became the victim of this very system which he was trying to protect.



Director: Sandeep A. Varma

Cast: Anjori Alagh, Karan Ashar, Aarun D. Baliean



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